Welcome to American Classic Press

American Classic Press (ACP) is a scholarly independent publisher that selects books based on the quality of the story telling, the literary value, and the prospect of sufficient sales to make each project financially viable. ACP covers all costs involved in the publishing of print and eBooks. ACP works with both American and internationally based authors, publishing a wide range of quality publications for the American market, and beyond.

Our reputation depends on what we choose to publish, so we aim for the highest quality in both content and presentation. Being selective allows us to build confidence across the industry and market place, and we believe this factor alone allows us to keep a competitive edge to the benefit of our authors. By collaborating closely with authors, designers, editors, printers, and distributors, we ensure quality in every respect.


We publish titles that are original and have a sharp edge. We are not confined to categories and open to new styles of writing. We work with you in your manuscripts, final stage and see your work finished, printed and for sale.

Our talented and experienced team of editors and designers work with you to produce a high-quality, beautiful book that you’ll love! Not only will it look good, but it will be readable, enlightening and engaging. Readers will immediately want to recommend it to a friend or leave a review online.

We do the final proofing, layout, formatting, publishing on manuscripts that have been edited and in their final draft stage. We may additionally do a full edit on your manuscript or work with you in the final stages, although we are looking for finished work.

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